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Milo is just your average twelve-year-old boy.
His loving parents are mummies, his best friend is an old wizard, and his babysitters are witches.
When Milo isn’t busy at school or visiting the comic book store, he loves to hang out with cool teen vampires, play with magical kitties, feed a hungry kaiju, and avoid a love-crazed gorilla at all costs. Oh yeah – and eat pizza and skateboard.
You know. Typical kid stuff.

Dave Scheidt, writer of Adventure Time, Munchkin, and Trolls comics debuts his own new monthly series​, with fun, kinetic art by Aw Yeah Comics! artist Scoot McMahon​!​

New monthly series unwrapping from CubHouse comics in October!
Michael Knight and KITT, everyone's ultimate dream car return to action in this high-octane thriller, updated with tomorrow's tech to combat the threats of today.
Writer: Dave Scheidt 
 Artist: Scoot McMahon
32 pages/Full color
USD: $3.99
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