Screamin’ Meemie,  Bash Brain , Skullface, and the rest of Madballs from the hit toy line are back in this grosser-than-gross new adventure!

You thought – no, HOPED – those creepy heads from the ‘80s were gone forever, but boy, were you wrong! When the headless Torsoids sabotage the Intergalactic Bizarro Bowl, the squabbling Madballs have to team up to take ‘em down -- Madballs may be dirty, but they like to play fair. These wretched pus bags have to set aside their differences, reassemble the field’s elaborate wacky contraptions, and find a way to stop the Torsoids before it’s too late. With bonus stories by some of the world’s most disgusting artists, this volume is packed with so much mayhem it’s almost illegal in several states!

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Michael Knight and KITT, everyone's ultimate dream car return to action in this high-octane thriller, updated with tomorrow's tech to combat the threats of today.

MadBalls, VOL. 1 ( of 4)

by Brad McGinty; illo. by Brian Smith, backup stories by Scarecrowoven and Dan Zettwoch |  Pages: 32   |   Format: Comic Book Mini-Series   | SRP: $2.99   | Publisher: Roar Comics   |   Distributor: Diamond Comic Distributors   |   Pub Date: April 20, 2016  |   Diamond Item Code: FEB161633 

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Brad McGinty

Is an illustrator, comic book artist, apparel designer and animator living in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to writing MADBALLS, you can see his sequential work in recent issues of Uncle Grandpa as well as the Adventure Time and Regular Show comic books and the web comic Battle Zoo.

Brian Smith

Co-author of the graphic novel series Stuff of Legend, currently in production at Disney Studios, and the writer/artist of The Intrepid Escape Goat and upcoming Tree Mail from Dark Horse Comics.


A fan of gore, guts, and oozing appendages. His gnarled creatures take a cue from comic books, sci-fi and horror movies, and all the illustration that came out of the skateboard world in the ‘80s.

Dan Zettwoch

 In addition to several self-published booklets, his stories have appeared in Kramers Ergot, the Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, Comic Art, Nickelodeon Magazine, Yale University Press' An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories Volume 2. 
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